STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Josie Gibson, Bachelor of International Hotel and Resort Management (BMIHMS)

Josie Gibson recently graduated from BMIHMS and has since entered a graduate program with one of BMIHMS’ Graduate Privilege Partners, The Toga Far East Hotel Group (TFE). Josie chats to us about what it’s like to align yourself with a hotel brand via a graduate management program here.

Why did you choose a graduate program?

Doing a graduate program was always my plan after graduating from BMIHMS. For me it was the best way to gain experience in various departments of a hotel and be able to understand how each department works together to ensure a property is operationally effective and runs as smoothly as possible. I also worked across various TFE properties.

What made you choose the TFE brand?

For me, TFE was the best fit for a variety of reasons. The company really encourages internal development and advancement. TFE creates opportunities for the team to take initiative when dealing with guest needs and demands.

At The Adina Apartment Hotel, Sydney, where I am currently based, we operate with a small team. This means there is a family feel, with many responsibilities for each individual on a daily basis. I have learnt so much from working with TFE and particularly at The Adina.

Describe your experience within the graduate program.

TFE really supports relationships between its various hotels. I was able to be involved with both food and beverage, and logistics, at the Travel Lodge, Wynyard (Sydney). These are both big departments. I then moved into conferencing and events at our biggest events hotel – the Vibe Hotel, Sydney.

I was privileged to be a facilitator for the roll out of a new company wide initiative. I was also able to take on additional responsibilities, such as revenue management within the hotel, meeting budgets, creating sales leads, looking after accounts and making decisions that affect the day-to-day operations of the business.

It has been a very busy year! I have learnt so much from this program. You really do get out what you put in. Working hard now will pay off in later years.

What was your favourite moment from the TFE Graduate Management Program?

My favourite aspect would be the networking; the people you meet through TFE are lovely and so willing to help. The company ensures that employees move between hotels for shifts, part-time work, and relief roles – continually assisting each property, depending on where help is needed. This opens up endless opportunities when planning a career.

Would you recommend the TFE Graduate Management Program to your peers?

Of course! But, you have to be sure this graduate program is the right path for you. Everyone’s career is going to be different. Most of all you have to be prepared to put in the hard work to reap the rewards. We work hard in hospitality, so not every day will be easy, but the right teams will get you through.

This was the perfect first step for me to start my career!

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