International Study and Placement Opportunities at BMIHMS

14 April 2015


Sam 1
One of my first tasks as marketing ambassador for the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School was to search out some great student stories from our current student body. I decided to bring you Mr. Sam Scanlan in the form of an interview for my first. Not only has he travelled to India to undertake one of his industry placements but he will graduate with a term spent in Switzerland as part of the BMIHMS Study Abroad program.

Interview: Sam Scanlan, undergraduate student, Bachelor of Business, Hotel and Resort Management

Do you feel like these opportunities allowed you to grow professionally in the industry?

  • Yes definitely, I was given the opportunity to explore the world – seeing new cultures and discovering a different service styles outside of Australia. Luxury service originated in Switzerland the region of many renowned hotel schools where I was fortunate to study.
  • Hospitality is all about travelling the world and gaining valuable experience and knowledge , I have started my career with opportunities in Australia, Europe and Asia.
  • I can showcase what I’ve learnt t to my future employers and I believe a competitive advantage.

 Tell me about your experience industry placement in India?

  • India was an experience that I never will forget – being able to work in a country that is totally out of my comfort zone.
  • Learning their culture was a huge challenge – being able to gain acceptance from not only staff but also the society was a huge task.
  • In hindsight I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to experience Indian hospitality. Not many people do it – I wanted to do something else instead of Dubai or London – seeing something new and challenging was what I wanted.

What were some of the standout things about your Swiss education?

These schools were incredibly different in various ways highlights being:

  • Les Roches Food and Beverage – the culinary kitchen works on a huge scale with distinct sections for the students to complete practical with a huge variety of outlets and dishes prepared each day.
  • Les Roches Social Life – being a ‘family’ (where everyone seemed to know everyone) university there was a lot of social events that the Events Coordinators planned from rugby, basketball and cricket teams to compete against each other and other nearby schools to meet other people and remain fit.
  • Les Roches Career Development team in Switzerland provided me with endless contacts for internships. They had great expos. During the semester at least 25 hotel companies from around the world to do ‘on campus interviews’ to recruit for the intake period.

 Have you any advice for students wanting to study abroad.

  • Research the university that they are going to. If it is a renowned global school that has a reputation for success it is a good option. I chose Les Roches for its history and global reputation.
  • Take a really friend. Having someone by your side if things aren’t going well especially at the start helps a lot.
  • It’s a once in a lifetime experience being able to study abroad – don’t ignore the opportunity.

Thanks Sam,
and over and out for me,

Gabriella Conti, International Event Management Student,

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